What You Need To Know Before You Book a Limo Service?

Limousines are all about traveling in style and are the perfect way to arrive at a fabulous event. Before you book a limo or party bus with a limo service in New York, however, there are a few things you need to know.

What Type Of Event Are You Attending?

There are a variety of limo companies out there. Some of them provide a full range of services and others offer only airport pickups and drop offs. Consider why you need the limousine and make sure you know exactly what to tell the limo company about the event prior to booking their services (i.e. the type of event, the type of vehicle you need, the attire the driver should wear, etc.).

What Is Your Budget?

How much you may spend on a limousine will come down to three things:
a) The type (and size) of the vehicle you will be renting.
b) The services you want from the limo company.
c) The limo service company itself and the “standard” rate in your area.

Older and smaller limousines, for example, will typically cost a lot less than a stretch Hummer limo. You may be able to save on the cost of the services by having the driver present only at certain times during the day (i.e. the driver will be present at pickups but will not available for the several hours in between).

What Vehicle Do You Want?

Not every limo service will have the same fleet of vehicles available for hire. If you want a large state of the art 12 passenger limousine, you may need to look around more than if you were looking for a smaller vehicle. Make sure that the limo company has the vehicle you want and that it is available on the day you want it before you sign any contracts. It is also recommended to check out the vehicle in person so that you can verify that it is the vehicle that you want.

How Are The Drivers Hired?

The limo driver who is chauffeuring you around town is just as important as the vehicle you will be riding in. You want to know that the driver you will be paired up with will be reliable, keep you safe, and be courteous to you and other guests. The best way to ensure this is to ask the limo company about how they hire their drivers.

  1. Ask the company about what credentials they require from a driver before they are hired and how they check those credentials (this includes licensing, safety training, drug and alcohol testing, etc.).
  2. Ask the company if they perform background checks on their employees.
  3. Ask the company about the driver’s knowledge of the area.

Do not forget to do a background check on the limo company too. A quick search online may reveal some exemplary or less than stellar reviews about the company, which can make or break your decision.

RPD Limo is committed to delivering the best in class, taste, and distinction, all while making sure to take special care of you and leave you safe and satisfied, and offers very varied selection of transportation at the best possible, affordable prices.

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