What to Know About Vehicle Graphics in Oklahoma City

The first picture that pops in a person’s mind when they hear “vehicle graphics” is often a sports car with racing stripes lining the roof. However, vehicle graphics are a great marketing tool for an array of different businesses and services. Vehicle graphics are becoming a popular asset to many design firms’ list of services.

The great thing about vehicle graphics is that, when done effectively, the customer will have a long-term marketing tool to get the word out about their business. Unlike with business cards the customer doesn’t have to worry about circulation or word of mouth, because hundreds of people a day can learn about a business just by driving next to the vehicle. Vehicle graphics are perfect for personal and company cars and trucks, but they can also be applied to city buses for paid advertising purposes.

There are many different types of vehicle graphics for customers to utilize. If a customer is looking for something small and affordable to promote their business, then simple lettering alongside a logo may be the way to go. However, vehicle wraps are also available for those who would like their graphic to really stand out. Typically, a vehicle wrap will cover at least half of the vehicle with vinyl, which creates a decal effect. Essentially, a vehicle wrap is a moving billboard–anyone and everyone on the highway will see it. The investment for a vehicle graphic is anywhere form $1,000 to $11,000, depending on the size of the vehicle and graphic. An effective vehicle graphic should be clean and eligible, but interesting enough to garner attention. The graphic should also have the business’s name in the largest writing, along with the phone number, web address and what town and state the company is located in. Each of these pieces of information should stand out and be easy to read. After all, the people who will be viewing the ad will usually be driving and won’t have much time to copy down information.

Interested in vehicle graphics in Oklahoma City? Many design firms offer these services at an affordable price. Make sure to view a company portfolio before work begins to ensure that the final product will match your expectations.

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