What to Do If Your Garage Door Will Not Open in Lake Forest, IL

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Garage Doors

If a homeowner goes to open or close their garage door and it will not move, there are several things that they can do to check to see what the problem is. It may be something simple like an unplugged system, or it could be a mechanical failure. Troubleshooting will help them to know whether they need a garage door repair in Lake Forest, IL.


If the garage door will not open or close, the first thing a homeowner should do is to make sure that the garage door system is plugged in. It may have been unplugged by accident. If the unit is plugged in, the next thing they will want to check is to make sure that the circuit breaker is on. If the circuit breaker has tripped, they can reset the breaker and the door should return to functioning order. However, if the breaker trips again, they will want to leave the garage door off and call for a garage door repair in Lake Forest, IL.

Checking the Locks

If the power has not been interrupted somehow, the next thing to check is to make sure that the door has not been manually locked. In some cases, another person in the house may have locked the door.

Checking the Remote Control

The next thing a homeowner should check is the remote control. Make sure that the batteries are not old. A homeowner will also want to make sure that they are standing in the recommended range when using the remote. If this does not work, a garage door repair is warranted.

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