What To Consider In Choosing Commercial Fire Alarm Systems In Illinois

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Security

If you own or manage a commercial property, you know how important it is to have fire suppression and alarm systems in place. When choosing fires suppression and fire alarm systems in Illinois, there are several different considerations to keep in mind.

One of the most important considerations is the reputation of the company selling, installing and maintaining the fire alarm systems in Illinois you are considering. You need to choose a company only offering top of the line systems and providing technicians who understand all codes, regulations and requirements based on the type of building you own or manage.

Custom Designed Systems

You will find two very different types of options when it comes to fire alarm systems in Illinois for commercial buildings. One is a company selling a particular system that is touted as a universal top product for every type of building.

The other is a company approaching your buildings as a unique project. These companies will custom design a system to fit your needs, local codes, all regulations, and also to work with your budget.

The benefit of these types of fire alarm systems in Illinois is obvious. You will have a complete system with all the features and functions you want, including the latest in technology, for both the fire alarm and the fire suppression system.

Features to Consider

The various features in fire alarm systems in Illinois can make systems very practical and useful for more than just fire situations. Building in a public announcement system in the fire alarm unit is ideal for conveying emergency information to those in the building.

It can also be very helpful to first responders as well as in large facilities where direct communication would be a challenge without a central PA system.

Other considerations include the integration of advanced technologies with fire alarm systems in Illinois. Smoke and fire detecting cameras, flame and gas sensors, air sampling for early warning and even specialized heat detectors are all possibilities to consider within specific areas of a commercial property.

Be sure to talk to the company offering fire alarm systems in Illinois about their ability to get the job done on time, on budget, and to guarantee the effectiveness of the system once installed. Finding a company providing full system inspections, maintenance and repairs on your system is also important to keep your system within code in the future.

For commercial fire alarm systems in Illinois look no further than Getz Fire Equipment Company. With over 57 years in the business, we have the professionals and the products to create a custom designed system for your commercial property. To learn more go to Getzfire.com.

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