What services are offered by a family dentist?

A family dentist in San Jose is one who offers dental services and care to patients of all ages. The services range from emergencies to routine dental checkups and cleaning. As with all professions, a dentist must complete his or her education and clinical training and then sit exams prior to being granted a license to practice. To maintain the license the dentist must meet the demands of continuous education and clinical practices.

On a daily basis a family dentist will work with his or her existing patients and welcome new patients to the practice. Routine tasks include cleanings and oral examinations and addressing concerns that may lead to a future dental problem. Patients who have chronic problems need closer monitoring as well as procedural work to make sure there dental needs are taken care of. If a patient should exhibit a dental problem which is outside the scope of the practice, the family dentist will arrange a referral to a dentist that specializes in the area of concern. In many cases the family dentist in San Jose will consult with the other service provider offering the dental history to the practitioner who will deal with the problem.

Many family dentists have expanded their area of expertise to include cosmetic dentistry along with the routine treatment of common dental issues such as cavities, root canals, extractions, etc. Rarely will a family dentist offer complicated maxillofacial or oral surgery and in many cases the family dentist will refer patients to an orthodontist in the event they need braces. The family dentist often works with other dental care providers, taking responsibility for checkups between visits to the orthodontist or managing patients who are taking a course of medication that may be the cause of a dry mouth.

People will see a family dentist in San Jose their whole lives starting in childhood and going through their senior years. A family dentist has the equipment and the special skills that are required to deal with pediatric patients and as the patient ages the dentist continues to monitor the patient’s oral health and provide preventative care. As the family dentist will often deal with the patient for many years, it is easy for the dentist to build up a detailed dental history which can make catching problems before they become serious much easier.

In some practices the family dentist works alongside specialists, this makes it easy for all the dentists in the practice to be fully aware of the patients and their dental needs.

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