What Is Expected Of A Business Litigation Attorney?

Litigation is a term most often associated with legal proceedings between two parties in opposition to one another with the expectation being the enforcement or defense of a legal right. A business litigation attorney in Chicago is involved when the parties are companies or corporations.

It is an often held thought that litigation is nothing but a different name for a law suit. A law suit is actually only part of the process; litigation also includes pre-suit negotiations, arbitration and appeals. In the case of business litigation it will often involve anything from product liability to an employee taking action over what he or she believes is improper termination. Although large corporations will often have an in-hose legal department to attend to such matters most companies are not large enough and rely on outside counsel.

A business litigation attorney in Chicago can be found representing clients involved in an action which has been brought against them or the same attorney can be called upon to initiate an action on behalf of a client. In the second instance this involves the preparation of a brief to the responsible court, explaining in some detail the facts as seen by the client as well as case law and precedent that should express to the court why the case is appropriate.

Consider an example. In the event a client company wishes to sue for breach of contract it is the litigators task to explain the facts of the case, explaining in finite detail the contract clause and its breach. The attorney will cite the specific clause in law that proves breach of contract. Furthermore the litigation attorney will cite previous decisions that show how similar actions have been considered breach.

Once the motion has been filed with the court the litigating attorney is responsible for all other stages of the action. An important phase is discovery; this is where information is asked for from both sides and answers supplied. Before the trial commences there are usually a number of pre-trial motions made. Pre-trial motions are requests from the attorney to the court to do such things as compel the other party to relinquish certain information or request that the action be dismissed through lack of evidence.

Often the parties will elect to settle during the pre-trial stage of the case. In the event this should transpire the business litigation attorney in Chicago will take the responsibility of negotiating a fair settlement on behalf of his or her client.

If you are involved in a commercial dispute you will need the skills of a business litigation attorney in Chicago. You are invited to discuss your claim with the Zimmerman Law offices.

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