What Is Cosmetic Foot Surgery?

A foot surgeon in Chicago IL is often called upon to perform a surgical procedure which will improve the appearance of patient’s feet or to prevent possible problems from appearing. Cosmetic foot surgery is becoming more and more popular; a foot surgeon in Chicago IL often performs surgery to prevent such problems as corns, hammertoe and bunions before they become problematic. Many individuals who undergo elective cosmetic foot surgery do so as it improves the appearance of the feet, making stylish narrow high heel shoes more comfortable to wear and less damaging to the feet.

Although the procedures are carried out for cosmetic reasons the foot surgeon in Chicago IL uses the same surgical procedures that would normally be used to treat such issues as bunions, corns and short toes. These traditional procedures such as the removal or corns or bunions serve two purposes; the treatment is medically required and they improve the appearance of the feet. Today a foot surgeon in Chicago IL are using minimally invasive procedures, making the necessary incisions in locations on the foot which are less noticeable and using techniques which reduce scarring. By approaching the procedures in this manner the foot surgeon can treat the problems without leaving obvious scars as evidence.

Although foot surgery is done to treat specific problems it is also being done for purely aesthetic reasons. Bothe women and men are turning to cosmetic foot surgery, having their feet tailored to fit today’s stylish shoes. For those who favor open toe shoes or sandals they might elect to have their toes shortened or people with naturally short, stubby toes may elect to have their toes lengthened. The foot surgeon in Chicago IL can straighten and slim toes, all designed to improve and enhance the beauty of the feet. For those who must stand for extended periods of time in high heels the surgeon can inject fat or filler material into the ball of the foot to increase comfort.

Those who advocate cosmetic foot surgery claim that the procedures available make the foot suitable for narrow shoes that are often worn daily. Stylish footwear is often a prerequisite when it comes to workplace attire. It is argued by proponents that cosmetic foot surgery is undertaken as a preventative measure to ensure that narrow shoes and high heel shoes do not create problems for those who wear these shoes on a daily basis.

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