What is a stretch limo?

You may not know the term but when you see one you will know what a stretch limo is. A stretch limo is a vehicle, driven by a competent driver that can accommodate far more passengers than a sedan. The wheelbase on a stretch limo has been lengthened considerably, much longer than even the longest luxury car. Originally, limo service on Long Island only used vehicles that were based on luxury cars and they were available in any color, as long as the colors were black and white. This is no longer the case, stretch limos can now be made on the chassis of other vehicles; SUVs, Hummers and even trucks. A stretch limo can be built to accommodate just about any feature the buyer wants.

The overall length of a stretch limo can vary, all depending on the manufacturer’s capabilities and the customer’s wishes. The amount of space inside the limo is in direct proportion to the length as the limo drivers cabin is roughly the same for any length vehicle. The seating arrangements can be varied to suit, some models will have a rear seat which faces forward and a forward seat that faces backwards so the occupants can see and talk to one another comfortably. Many vehicles that are used for limo service on Long Island have this arrangement, plus seats ling the sides of the interior. These limos can seat a large party in comfort and are the choice for parties. Many stretch limos are fully equipped with wet bars, lighting enhancements, televisions and any other amenity that the owner thinks will make the experience enjoyable.

For those who want to catch the eye of the public, novelty stretch limos are available. These are vehicles that started their life as an SUV and then stretched to limo proportions. There are very few vehicles that cannot be stretched, even taxi cabs, off-road vehicles and military vehicles have been stretched.

Limousines are rarely self-drive; they almost always come complete with a driver. A limo service on Long Island will provide the driver and the limo; usually privately owned limos are driven by a driver who may also act as a body guard for the owner and his family.

Limo service on Long Island is available from Dynasty Limousine. With a fleet consisting of Lincolns, Cadillac’s and even a Rolls-Royce, there is no form of high end transport that is not available.Save

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