What does Access Management Software Offer your Enterprise?

As technology develops at an ever faster pace, new concepts and options are always at your disposal when you are looking for solutions to a particular problem or requirement. Cloud computing is anything that involves the supply of hosted services over the internet. Companies that are delivering these hosted services, offer customized web hosting (sold on demand and by the hour/minute), and the facility is supervised entirely by the service provider.

Cloud computing is all about three functions:


Cloud computing can be deployed using different models: Pubic cloud computing and private or community cloud computing.

The public cloud is any provider such as Amazon Web Services that supplies services to any interested party. Other examples of public cloud computing services are Gmail, Yahoo email, hotmail etc. all you need is an internet connection to access and use these services. You don’t need a server or special software to avail of these services. A private cloud is a copy righted and licensed, proprietary network that caters only to an exclusive client base. The provider’s infrastructure may have the means to act as a platform to supply software to their clients. The platform allows several organizations to access infrastructure.

Software like security and access management software may be some of the product development tools and services that are available. Some of the cloud based companies offer a host of products such as identity management, SIEM (security information and event management), SaaS SSO (Software as a single sign on) besides web SSO (access management software single sign on).

Secure seamless access to resources and systems without having to waste time in accessing hurdles and tedious multiple logins. Using cloud based access technology; your company can enjoy single sign on secured and speedy access across diverse internal systems and trusted external organizations that have similar concerns in compliance, jurisdiction and security.

Whether your industry is in retail, healthcare or financial services, you may need solutions to address key security requirements. Compliance, jurisdiction and other factors may need to be addressed. Instead of custom programming some service providers may provide infrastructure for modular “plug-in connectors” specific to your industry that are more convenient to users.

Using this technology your company can enjoy comprehensive access management software to govern all your network content, services and applications. Your enterprise can use the facilities for providing all your stakeholders (partners, employees, customers and suppliers) secure access to enterprise services, applications and content.

If you are looking for access management software, Cloud Access offers a comprehensive range of affordable services for your convenience and satisfaction.

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