What does a central heating boiler do?

A couple of hundred years ago people had to light a coal or wood fire in every room to keep warm, central heating had not yet been thought of. Central heating is not a difficult concept to understand, it’s when you need boiler repairs in Guildford that it gets messy.

If you are thinking about central heating Guildford, the concept of central heating is simple. A boiler is located somewhere convenient in the house, usually the garage, laundry room or kitchen. The boiler itself is a gas fired furnace that heats water which is then pumped from m the boiler to radiators located in each room.

What does the boiler do?

The boiler is the core of the entire central heating system, without that; there simply would be no heat. The boiler is connected directly to the mains gas supply, when heat is called for, a valve opens to allow the entry of gas into the combustion chamber, and a spark ignites the gas which comes into the chamber through a great number of small holes. The gas jets play their flame on a pipe filled with water, the water heats up to about 60 degrees C.

The pipe containing water is part of a loop which travels continuously around the house. The hot water passes through the radiator which in turn heats the room. The water then continues to circulate until it gets back to the boiler where the process starts all over again. The reheating process is why the boiler continues to fire. A pump, which is either installed in the boiler or close to it, is what keeps the water circulating. It is when either the firing mechanism or the pump fails, that you need to arrange boiler repairs in Guildford.

What is the thermostat?

To overcome the need to continuously monitor the system, turning it on manually when the temperature drops, the thermostat does the job. The thermostat is usually installed somewhere close to the middle of the house. When the temperature falls below the level set by the homeowner, the thermostat activates a switch which fires the boiler. When the temperature reaches that which is desired, the thermostat switches the boiler off. The thermostat can also be subject to boiler repair in Guildford in the event it fails.

How do the radiators work?

The radiator in your home is a part of the continuous piping system. It is nothing more than pipe which is bent back and forth forming a surface large enough to heat the room. A radiator cannot be controlled, there is either heat coming from it or not. If you wish to deny heat to a room in your house, the radiator has a valve which will direct the hot water through the bottom of the radiator rather than the coils.

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