What do furniture movers do?

The typical stereotype for a guy who is a mover is some great ox of a man who picks up refrigerators and walks down a half a dozen flights of stairs with it. The same guys are often seen as not overly careful with your furniture and other possessions, just remaining unaware that they are bashing into the walls and paying no attention to scratches and dents that they are putting on the antique table top. This may be the vision but the truth is very different, good movers in Ottawa are genuinely careful when they move your valued possessions, they treat your items with TLC.

Of course the furniture movers in Ottawa move furniture, but they do a lot more than that, there are other components of the mover’s job description. Most movers are employed by large, full service moving and storage companies. These people deal with the entire contents of a house or office including appliances, bulky furniture and boxes of different sizes. It is possible to hire a furniture mover to relocate large heavy items in your home; an example might be relocating a pool table from the upstairs den to the basement or perhaps moving the piano from one room to another. The largest majority of the mover’s time however is dedicated to packing, maintaining proper inventory, loading on a truck, transporting to the new location and unloading. Furniture movers in Ottawa neither have an easy job or a simple one, their work is hard and accuracy is important.

Long before the mover even thinks about loading your possessions on the truck he will make sure that every individual piece that is going on the truck is tagged and the description is written on the packing list. The homeowner will be given one copy; the moving company retains a copy for their purposes. Once the homeowner agrees with the list and signs it, then the loading begins but not before.

As the movers load the truck they take particular care with placement of the boxes and furniture items. The best moving company in Ottawa has plenty of heavy pads available that are used to protect your furniture in the event it moves during relocation. For local moves the men who packed and loaded the vehicle will travel with the load and take responsibility for unloading and relocating to the correct rooms in your new house.

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