What Are The Different Kinds Of Residential Decks?

Many homes have decks in the back of the house; these decks in Hartford County, MD are designed for activities with family and friends or simply lounging or resting. Decks add considerable usable space to a home, especially space that is designed for recreation and relaxation. Generally speaking there are two types of decks; one type is free standing, being constructed away from the actual house structure the other is an attached deck with is affixed to the house, affording it additional support and provides a smooth transition from indoor space to outdoor space. Although the favorite material for a deck is wood; composite decking materials are gaining speed and are becoming increasingly popular.

Te most common deck style is an attached deck, they offer convenience for all the users be they family members or their guests; they can simply walk back and forth between the house and the deck. There is no standard for design; the designs vary considerably all in accordance with the needs and expectations of the homeowner as well as the area available for the deck and the potential of variable elevations. If the family has an above ground pool in the backyard a deck can be constructed that leads from the house and then access to the pool level can be done through steps or platforms leading to edge of the pool. Families with inground pools often use decks but in this case the deck design id very different as normally the pool surround is lower than the deck.

Although attached decks are common there are plenty of times when having an elevated deck away from the house is favored. These free standing decks, often called floating decks can be built. As floating decks cannot rely on the house foundation to provide any support, it must be constructed in such a way that it can support its own weight plus the weight of the people and appliances that will be on the deck. The design possibilities are just as variable as attached decks; they can be designed to the parameters set by the owner, the features of the land and the proximity to the property boundary line and any other structure on the property.

Although different woods are used when building decks in Hartford County MD the most popular are hardwoods. Hardwoods are stronger in most cases; they are very pleasing to the eye and resistant to the weather.

Constructing decks in Hartford County MD is one of the services offered by Benz Construction, Inc. There is an endless variety of decks that can be built, both attached and free standing.

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