How Well Do You Know Vaping Terminology?

Vaping is the action of sucking a vapor out of an electronic cigarette (e-cig).  The idea of producing a satisfying vapor that gives a person similar satisfaction as sucking tobacco smoke out of a cigarette, cigar or pipe could be dated back to the 1960’s, it was not until early this century that a practical commercial product for generating the vapor first appeared in China and usage of such devices did not gain popularity in the West until the beginning of this current decade.


In the early days of vaping, people mostly saw them as an alternative to tobacco that could be indulged in without exposing the vaper or others nearby to the multitude of harmful chemical in tobacco smoke. The manufacturers of vapor-generating devices, along with those who used them, used the e-cig name to describe this tobacco-less device. The early devices did mimic the appearance of actual cigarettes and, while the result was not exactly convincing, the e-cig name stuck even though later devices looked less and less like any tobacco-smoking product (let alone a “real” cigarette).

E-cig Basic Construction

The heart of any e cig is its battery, which activates a piezoelectric device that emits ultrasound waves that atomizes liquid (known as e-juice) into a vapor. The chamber where the vapor is generated has become known as the cartomizer; a hybrid word formed by fusing “container” and “atomizer” together). E-cig cartomizers are often referred to as “cartos.”

The vaper draws out the vapor through a mouthpiece similar to that of a cigarette holder or pipe. When e-cigs were mostly mimicking tobacco cigarettes, the components were all cylindrical. This placed severe limitations on battery size and volume of e-juice that could be placed into the cartomizer. In making these larger, the e-cig took on an appearance of its own and moved away from the design of a traditional cigarette. These modifications (mods) are often called personal vaporizers (PV’s) or advanced personal vaporizers (APV’s) and do not necessarily follow the traditional cylindrical cigarette shape. For more information, you can visit online at

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