The Waste System Services Provided by ATU in Maui

The waste system in your home is not something you really want to think about. Yet, it is one of your home’s most important systems in regards to a clean and healthy home. The waste system is composed of a septic tank, a cesspool or both depending on the regulations in Maui. But like many systems, the system does need to have some attention on a regular basis to ensure that waste water is not going to come back into your home.

One of the services provided by atu in Maui is the inspection of both septic tanks and cesspools. Regular inspections are used to identify if the components of the waste system are working correctly. For cesspools, this means monitoring how well they are draining. Septic tanks are also monitored for their function. In addition, inspections are often required if the home is going to be sold or if a permit is needed to make upgrades to the home.

Another service provided is the pumping of both systems. Pumping prevents both of these items from overflowing and can correct most drainage issues. If a cesspool isn’t draining properly, it can cause major flooding in the yard and surrounding areas. An improperly draining septic tank can cause backups in the home as the waste flows up through toilets and sinks. Dealing with both of these problems is often costly.

Most people aren’t aware that grease traps also a part of your waste system. Because grease and water don’t mix, the grease traps prevent the grease from overloading your septic tank and cesspools. Excessive grease can major issues with both systems. Grease traps are often located somewhere off of your kitchen piping. If you aren’t sure where your grease trap is and haven’t had it cleaned in awhile, you should contact atu in Maui for this service.

The waste system is often ignored until it becomes a problem. But like other systems in your home, the maintenance of the system is essential to ensuring that it works properly. Thus, it is important to ensure that regular inspections are carried out to ensure your waste system is clean and working properly.

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