Vibration analysis for rotating machinery

Vibration Analysis Texas is used to detect the potential of an early failure in rotating equipment.

There is no piece of rotating equipment, which does not vibrate to one extent or another. As bearings and other components age and begin to reach the end of their useful life, the vibrations get worse and worse. The vibrations can get quite dramatic and in very different ways. The early detection of the pending failure of a bearing or piece of equipment is important, if the vibration is allowed to continue unabated, the result can be a very expensive and perhaps catastrophic failure.

Vibration analysis in Texas uses two facts to forecast the potential off failure:

* All failure modes can be isolated and identifies as they all have distinct vibration frequencies

* Unless there is a change in the operating dynamics of the machine, the amplitude of the vibration will not change; it remains constant

Knowing these facts allows for engineers to monitor a piece of rotating equipment and address any potential failures before they occur. The vibration monitoring allows for a direct correlation between the current condition of the machine and historical vibration data.

The greatest number of problems with vibration in a machine is caused by misalignment or an out of balance condition. It will begin to degrade as bearings especially begin to wear, the increased vibration then further amplifies the problem and before long bearings, couplings, seals and gears can begin to wear and eventually fail. Many of these problems can be eliminated with a carefully thought out and implemented preventative maintenance program and by eliminated sloppy habits.

Although vibration tends to increase as the machine ages, it actually is present after the machine is first installed. Major pieces of rotating equipment are usually installed using vibration analysis so that the perfect installation can be assured. Bearings are well known to be the first thing to fail, but vibration can even be caused if there is a shift in the structural dynamics of the mounting slab or base.

Bearings are the main reason for machine failure, the first sign of bearing wear and potential failure is noticed when reviewing the vibration signature of the bearing in question. Although bearings may be the first thing to fail, their failure is often the result of structural misalignment or even a filed casting or broken weld in the machine.

All machines, whether new or rebuilt should be tested weekly for four or five weeks to build up a data base of the vibration signature. With the trend having been established, future vibration analysis in Texas will have an established data base to work from. There is no need to monitor the situation weekly after the initial trend has been established; the frequency of future testing is based on the use the machine gets.


Vibration analysis in Texas is one of the precision services offered by Laser Precision. The company offers bore and spindle alignment services as well as the establishment of machine geometry.

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