When to Use Topsoil in Waukesha, WI

Topsoil is a product that many homeowners and landscapers use to improve the condition of their lawn or garden. It is very different from potting soil, which is designed for use with potted plants. There are several uses for topsoil and many homeowners keep some on hand in case they need it. When used properly, topsoil can help you grow plants where you were previously unable to and can fill in holes or worn places on your lawn.

Before you purchase Topsoil in Waukesha, WI, it is important to have the soil on your lawn tested to determine which products you need to apply to improve the present soil. While it may seem apparent that you have too much clay in your garden’s soil because you are having drainage problems, there may be other nutrients that you can add to your topsoil to cover the clay and grow a beautiful garden. If too much drainage is the problem, you may need to add clay instead of sand to your soil to get plants to grow. Compost and lime are commonly added to Topsoil in Waukesha, WI to increase its effectiveness.

Topsoil is also a great product to even out your lawn or garden. If you have hills or dips in your garden, it can be difficult to plant flowers or other plants. Topsoil can be used to fill in holes made by your dog or another animal. It is important to fill these holes because your children or neighbors can trip and get hurt. An even lawn is safer and more attractive. If you have patches on your lawn that are worn from high traffic, use topsoil to replace the soil in that area.

When you are adding new elements to your landscape, such as trees or bushes, you need a topsoil that is appropriate for your lawn. A comprehensive garden supply store like Bluemel’s Garden and Landscape Center can help you choose the best topsoil for your project. Click here for more information about the various types of topsoil and how to select the best product or combination of products to promote a healthy lawn.

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