Use Cake Pops as Party Decorations

Food favors and party decorations are trendy and fun. People enjoy finger foods at a party, and with a cake pop mold you can create a variety of different cake pops that double as party decorations. By using pops for decorations and food, you can save money when party planning because the pops perform double duty as a snack and a decoration, meaning you don’t have to buy many party decorations. The versatility of a cake pop, and the ease with which you can use a cake pop mold to bake dozens of pops at one time, make this an ideal party accessory.

Keep It Simple

You can keep the decorations simple by making round cake pops and covering them with a variety of colors. You can use traditional icing, but most people prefer to melt different colored wafers and dip the balls into the melted chocolate. Once the chocolate hardens, you can decorate the surface of the cake ball with sprinkles, edible glitter, nuts, colored sugars, or use decorators icing to draw stripes.

How you present the pops is important to successfully decorating with cake balls. You can fill low glass jars with a handful of different pops, place them pop side down on a serving tray, or use layered Styrofoam pieces to present them at different levels and heights. If you want to decorate the sticks, make sure to add ribbon or bows before attaching the cake ball.

Holiday Party Decorations

With a shaped cake pop mold, you can make cake shapes for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Easter. These are great for adding flair to holiday parties or kids’ parties. You can even make holiday themed cake pops for Christmas or Easter dinner as an additional centerpiece and dessert item. With cake pop presses, you can take already baked cake and make a holiday cake mold by simply pressing the cake into the mold. This is a fun activity to entertain kids, and you’ll end up with creative looking snacks for your food table.

To decorate for a winter holiday party, use green and red cake balls to design a wreath using a foam ring. For Easter you can use egg shaped cake pops to create a centerpiece bouquet. A valentines table would look great with red, white, and pink cake heart pops offered in floral vases. No matter which style of cake pop mold you choose, it’s the presentation that will take your dessert table from ordinary to extraordinary when you use cake pops.


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