Unsightly Tooth? Replace it with a Dental Crown in Summerlin

Waking up in the middle of the night with an excruciating pain in the jaw is a terrible experience. The dental patient is usually not surprised when he finds out that he has an infected root that requires a root canal. If he’s never had one before, then he might be surprised at how much of the tooth is disturbed to accomplish this task. Often so much of the interior is destroyed that the dentist has to insert posts into the jaw. A Dental Crown Summerlin is then placed over it. The porcelain crown is very realistic and easy to care for. It’s brushed and flossed like any other tooth.

Sometimes a sharp stabbing pain and abscess means that a root is cracked and it can’t be saved. A cracked root can lead to a serious infection. So the dentist will prescribe an antibiotic. They might also have to extract the tooth immediately. Losing any tooth is traumatic, but when one is in the front of the mouth it is even more upsetting. Luckily this is a temporary matter. Once the jaw is healed, the doctor can insert a dental implant into the patient’s jaw bone. A porcelain crown then fits over that. Most people will never recognize that it’s not a real tooth.

A dental crown in Summerlin is also used as part of a permanent bridge. Some patients are not good candidates for dental implants. Elderly patients may not be able to tolerate an implant in their jaw. A permanent bridge affixes the porcelain crown to the two adjacent teeth. A dental bridge looks very natural and the patient will be able to eat normally. However since the crown is not connected to the jawbone, the jaw will deteriorate in that area. A bridge is also harder to keep clean. The patient must carefully use threader floss to prevent decay.

Dental Crowns Summerlin can be expensive. Most dentists accept all forms of insurance and take credit cards. Others have affordable payment plans that give patients between six to twelve months to pay for their treatment. They understand that emergency dental care can be hard to save for in advance.


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