Understanding a Workers Compensation Claim in Monticello, NY

If you are injured at work, then you will need to file a Workers Compensation Claim in Monticello, NY. This type of business insurance is mandatory for any company or business that hires employees. In fact, it is mandated in all the U.S. states except for Texas.

In most cases, if you have employees you have to hold worker’s compensation insurance. There are a few exceptions, including a partnership or sole proprietor, if you have under a certain amount of employees, independent contractors and some agricultural businesses.

Why Worker’s Compensation is Important

If you are employed, you should ensure that the company you work with carries this type of insurance. It provides a payment of a certain percentage of your salary in the event that you are injured while on the job. This money will cover your medical and living expenses while you are unable to work. Some cases may also provide a settlement payment if there are long-term effects of the injury that you suffered from, or in cases where you are permanently disabled.

If you are facing a Workers Compensation Claim in Monticello, NY where your employer does not want to pay, you should consider the benefits of hiring a worker’s compensation attorney to represent your case. This attorney will protect your rights and help you navigate through the somewhat confusing and complex legal process of obtaining the funds you deserve for the injury you got while working.

If you are ever injured while at work, you need to have your worker’s compensation benefits paid to you in a timely manner. However, there are many cases where your employer may dispute the claim. If this is the situation, hiring an attorney can provide you with your best chance of receiving the benefits that you deserve.

Having to cope with a serious injury is stressful; worrying about your financial ability can make the situation much worse. You do not have to suffer, waiting for the money you are due because of an injury that occurred while you were working. Using a professional attorney will help to minimize the wait period and help you get the financial benefits that you need and deserve.

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