Understanding The Role Of Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys are those legal professionals who are deeply involved with clients who have sustained injury as a result of negligence on the part of another person or entity. There are broad concepts that define negligence but in reality it is an event that occurred and a person, institution or company failed to act in a manner that would have removed the potential of injury. There is direct negligence and indirect negligence, an example of the former is when a reckless driver injures another person or damages property owned by others. Personal injury attorneys in Chicago are responsible for gathering all available evidence of negligence, determining who is responsible and to what extent.

Personal injury attorneys are involved in a great number of legal situations. If an individual has been injured and he or she feels the injury would not have happened had there not be a negligent act then the injured party will work with such attorneys.

The law that is applicable to personal injury cases is known as “tort law.” Tort law is the body of law that is applicable when a person has suffered injury or material loss and the reason for the injury or loss is negligence. The attorney is very familiar with the law, he or she will conduct extensive research; studying the facts of the case in question, seeing how it compares with somewhat similar cases from the past. By researching historic cases that are akin to the case in question the attorney is in a position to better formulate an opinion, offering the client various alternatives that address the grievance. In most law firms this detailed research is done by paralegals.

Once the research phase has been completed the attorneys will sit down with the client, providing advice and guidance on what is considered to be the best way to proceed. Although few people have a deep understanding and appreciation of law, the attorney will not make a decision for the client, the attorney will present the options that are available. It is only when the client has decided what way to go that the attorneys suggest the course of action that will result in the best compensation.

Taking personal injury cases to court is very much a viable option but many cases never get that far, they are settled out of court. The objective of personal injury attorneys in Chicago is to negotiate the best possible settlement on behalf of their client.

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