Understanding State Versus Federal Charges

In the field of criminal law, understanding charges can be very complicated. There are many different types of charges, and different levels of severity. There are also state laws and federal laws. When you are charged with a crime, you will want to know exactly what you are dealing with. Knowing this up front can help you to know how to plan for your future. Often, federal laws may have more severe punishments than state laws, and they may need to be taken more seriously. A criminal lawyer in Cumming will be necessary to achieve the best outcome whether you are charged with a state or federal crime. They can help you to navigate the process and explain the charges to you. Here are a few things to remember with state and federal crimes.

Most charges are based on violation of state law. States have put laws into place to protect their citizens, and the laws can change from state to state. These charges may not have a similar federal charge, and it will all be handled on a state level. In the Constitution, each state has the right to decide what is legal and illegal within their boundaries. States will make laws based on the preferences on their residents and the desire to keep them safe. For the most part, the federal government will not have the right to step in unless certain qualifications are met.

That being said, because of the increase in illegal drug manufacturing, Congress has passed many new federal laws that must be enforced. This can involve the manufacturing, transportation, selling or distribution of illegal drugs. Also, the federal government has made attempts in the last few decades to pass laws to control guns and to traffic the Internet. At times the laws are forced to change with the environment, and this has happened often in the last few years. So while most crimes are charged on a state level, you will also want to be aware of the fact that the federal government may have a right to step in and take over your case. This is part of why it is so important to have a criminal lawyer in Cumming.

Often, state officials will hand their charges over to their federal counterparts because the federal penalty may be stricter. The issue of cost may also come into play. If the state doesn’t want to pay the cost of a trial, they may hand the case over to federal officials in order to save the county or city the money.

All of these distinctions can be incredibly confusing, especially to someone in the scary situation of dealing with a criminal charge. If you hire a criminal lawyer in Cumming, you add an advocate who can navigate the state and federal system for you.

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