Understanding The Basics of NYS Workers Comp in Rochester, NY

Thanks to the worker’s compensation laws, employers are required to purchase insurance that will cover their employees and provide them with benefits if they were to suffer an injury or illness that is related to the work they do. The purpose of NYS Workers Comp in Rochester, NY is to strike a deal between the employees and the employer. When an employee gets compensation for their injury or illness, they are also signing away their right to sue their employer for said illness or injury. This means that in a way the compensation insurance protects both the employee and the employer.

One of the biggest perks to NYS Workers Comp in Rochester, NY is the fact that it really does not matter who was at fault. Unless you purposely got hurt just so you could get worker’s compensation, you have nothing to worry about. You should keep in mind that your employer is going to do what they can to try to get out of paying your benefits. This is because worker’s compensation insurance works no differently than any other kind of insurance. The more claims they end up paying, the higher their rates get because the insurance provider considers them to be a risk to insure.

It is good to get in the habit of reporting any accident or injury that happens to you while you are working. It really does not matter if you have the intention of pursuing compensation benefits or not. You still want to make sure it is on record that you were injured on this day, around this time. You want to make sure that you keep a copy of every time you report getting hurt. This is because there is always a risk that a lot of small injuries could lead to a bigger one. When this happens, your story will be more believable if you have a record of reporting lots of small injuries in the past. This record will also do a good job of showing that you only claim that you need the compensation benefits when you actually get hurt bad enough for it to interfere with your work or daily habits. For more details.

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