Understanding achieving COR or SECOR certification through Enform

Safety in the workplace, regardless of the industry or the size of the company, is always a critical factor. One of the best and most effective ways for a business to ensure they are in full compliance with all safety regulations is to complete a certification program to demonstrate their compliance.

By utilizing the services of COR Solutions, companies can achieve COR or SECOR certification through Certifying Partners like Enform. Enform provides a 2 day training program that is required before a company can request a COR or SECOR audit. Enform has facilities in several cities like Fort St. John and Calgary where this training can be taken in class.

Having a safety program, that meets the requirements of the Certificate of Recognition program is an important step in the ability for a small or larger company to meet requirements in their specific industry. Many companies working in the oil and gas industry get their COR or SECOR certification through Enform.

Choosing Training Companies

When selecting a certifying partner for SECOR certificate programs, which is available to companies with 10 or fewer employees, or the MECOR (Medium Employer Certificate of Recognition), look for a certifying partner that is familiar with the type of work that your company performs.

These certifying partners providing COR certification in Canada should be familiar with the specific industry of the business, and to understand the mandated regulations and the compliance standards required. As these can be very complex and easily overlooked or misinterpreted, working with the appropriate certifying partner provides a clear understanding of all safety standards required.

There are a variety of requirements for new and existing COR and SECOR holders. Understanding what needs to happen to move from COR or SECOR through the MECOR process can also be complicated, and compliance companies can provide information about next steps in the process.

At COR Solutions , we provide guidance for the Enform certification process to businesses across Canada. To find out more, see us online .

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