Types Of Entrance Doors In Westchester NY And Their Benefits

While most people have a wooden or steel door in their homes, most people don’t even know the types available and what works best in different situations. If you live in Westchester NY and need new entrance doors, you should know the varying types and benefits of each to make an informed decision. Most people don’t realize that you can increase your home’s value and save money on your utility bills.


For those that want a nice front door and to save money, a steel door may be the best option. Simple options that are unadorned can look homely and nice and can be as little as $150. However, it is important to note that the price will not include the lock set, pain, labor or hardware needed and in many cases, it is the most cost-effective option only if you can hang it yourself.

It is one of the strongest barriers, which will keep thieves out, but its advantages aren’t many over wood and fiberglass.

One problem with these options is that their life span is shorter. Because your door will be exposed to rain, air, salt, and other environmental problems, it could only last about five to seven years. Even though it is considered tough, it doesn’t perform as well as fiberglass and wood in regards to normal wear.


Fiberglass is a great option if you want to choose from varying styles. In some cases, it can be made to look just like wood. For those that want minimal upkeep and maintenance to keep their entrance doors looking great, fiberglass is a great option because it won’t contract or expand with weather changes. Westchester NY can have very cold winters and warm summers, meaning there could be a lot of contracting and expanding with the season change.

While it does feel light, it is considered a durable material to keep out thieves and can last up to 20 years without needing a touch-up.

It can also help insulate the home because it has a foam core and is typically in the mid-price range, making it a good investment that will help you save money in the long run.


Real wood is very heavy and provides a stunning statement with handcrafted details. This means it is usually more expensive than other options and does require a lot of maintenance. In order to prevent splitting or warping, it will need to be refinished every few years. Go to the site www.actionlockanddoor.com for more information.