What Type Of Microdermabrasion Machine Does Your Spa Have?

The days gone by, anyone who went to a spa simply sat around in some bubbling water and possibly had a massage or maybe a sauna and then went home. However, these days, some clients can spend their entire vacation in a spa and expect a variety of treatments to be performed on them virtually each and every day.

Even small, in town, establishments are finding that clients come in quite often for cosmetic treatments rather than the more traditional requirements – the “lunch time face lift” for example. The line separating spas from beauty clinics is becoming blurred and, on top of that, clients are even asking for treatments that border onto medical or even surgical practice.

To Keep Your Spa Viable, You Need The Equipment That The Clients Want

The medical treatment called dermabrasion has been around for some time and it can be an effective skin beautification treatment for removal of ugly scars and other unsightly skin blemishes – but, it is very invasive and can be painful with long healing times and risk of complications. The medical use of lasers has lessened the pain and reduced recovery times but still remains invasive and possibly not suited for the average spa.

Do You Have Any Microdermabrasion Machines?

Microdermabrasion on the other hand is a most popular treatment with many clients; usually, but not exclusively, mildly abrasive crystals are used in the process. Microdermabrasion is non-invasive and the treatment can be given by any suitably licensed esthetician trained to use your Crystal Microdermabrasion Machine. The clients love the healthy glowing feel of their newly exfoliated skin and will willingly return in some 30 days when that rejuvenated skin has died and more exfoliation is required – meaning more business for your Crystal Microdermabrasion Machine.

Which Crystals To Use?

The operating principle behind most microdermabrasion machines is somewhat similar to sand blasting equipment (but much gentler) in that a stream of crystals is pumped under pressure to the hand held tool that is applied to the area of skin to be rejuvenated. A vacuum is used to gently lift the skin and suck away used crystals and the exfoliated skin cells. Medical-grade aluminum oxide or sodium bicarbonate crystals are those most commonly used in spa treatments. Properly used and maintained, your Crystal Microdermabrasion Machine can be one of your spa’s most popular attractions.

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