Tree Watering Bags Make Growing Healthy Trees Easier

Successfully growing a tree can be challenging, with one of the grower’s main problems being overwatering. It’s natural to think that “a little extra water couldn’t hurt,” especially when you’re fearful that a drought may kill your tree off. However, watering your tree too much can cause issues. Tree watering bags take the mystery out of watering trees so that you can rest assured that every drop of water you give your tree will give it life for years to come.

What They Are
A tree watering bag is an irrigation system that slowly drips over a two-week period, thus giving your tree the ideal quantity of water it needs. It’s a one-of-a-kind watering system that promotes root growth because it gradually decreases the output of water as the device’s tube empties. While the water decreases, the roots of the tree grow down and out, so healthy root systems are formed. The irrigation system also comes with extra drip emitters that let you control and boost the water drip rate as needed.

Tree watering bags are ideal for maintaining existing trees or planting new ones. Hand-watering trees can pose problems, as people don’t always know how much water is appropriate to give a tree and how often. If you give the tree too much water, the soil will become saturated, and no oxygen will be able to get to the tree roots. The roots may suffocate and eventually die. Signs that your tree is being overwatered include black roots, which indicate that your roots are rotting, algae on the surface of the soil and brittle green leaves or yellow leaves.

Additional Information
Tree watering bags can easily attach to trees and allow water to percolate slowly into your soil. They are designed to work on trees that are no more than 2 inches in diameter. These bags offer the convenience of being able to irrigate for two entire weeks without having to be refilled, and their low profile allows air to circulate, thus promoting tree growth. The bags are also easy to repair and reuse as needed. With modern watering bags for trees, you can keep your favorite trees healthy more easily and accurately than ever before.

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