How Tree Maintenance Can Keep Potomac Residents’ Property Safe

It is no secret that poorly maintained trees can pose a significant risk to a home or business. Strong storms and high winds can cause trees to come crashing down into a building, and this could result in severe injuries or even death for occupants. This is particular concern for the Potomac region. Summertime storms can quickly intensify. This threat coupled with the old ages of the many of the trees in this area creates a potential disaster for many homeowners. Fortunately, for those needing Tree maintenance Potomac has been served by Greentree for over 15 years.

One of the most basic forms of tree maintenance is the removal of dead and dying branches. It is almost inevitable that a few of the branches on a tree will become damaged, and this is not usually a problem. Unfortunately, when the weakened branch is hanging over a home or business, this can represent a major threat. Fortunately, it is not necessary for homeowners to attempt to remove the branch on their own. If a person has a rotted branch and is in need of Tree maintenance Potomac is served by a company that has the expertise and tools needed to complete the job.

A more complicated form of tree maintenance is stabilizing a leaning tree. It is not uncommon for the root system of a tree to weaken as it ages. Sadly, this can cause the tree to collapse, and this can significantly damage any property surrounding the tree. Luckily, there are options available other than cutting the entire tree down. It is possible for an experienced contractor to brace the tree. By using supports on the tree, it is possible to allow the roots to strengthen, and this can reduce the need to remove the tree.

Trees can add personality to a piece of land, and their shade can reduce the costs of cooling a home during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, if proper maintenance is not performed, the tree can cause extensive damage to homes, businesses and cars. Luckily, for those needing Tree maintenance service in Potomac has been served by Greentree for over 15 years.

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