Treat Unsightly Veins with a Visit to a Cosmetic and Vein Institute

Whether you suffer from unsightly spider veins or varicose veins, you do not have to continue to be embarrassed. Treatments for varicose veins in Cincinnati, OH can be performed in-office by professionals. Varicose veins can end up looking severe with bulging blue lines that protrude from your legs in an unsightly manner. For women, it can make them uncomfortable while wearing skirts, shorts and dresses. The same goes for men that enjoy wearing shorts. Not only are varicose veins unsightly, they can also be serious medical conditions that require treatment.

Make an Appointment at a Varicose Vein Institute

If you notice that your varicose veins are increasing, it is wise to make an appointment at a varicose vein institute. They have high-tech equipment that can offer you solutions that are safe and affordable. Varicose veins should be treated when they are first noticed to keep them from becoming a major health issue. Before any treatments are explained, a professional varicose vein institute is going to perform an ultrasound exam and give you a diagnosis. Then they will discuss treatments such as Cooltouch CTEV, which is used for some of the most serious varicose veins. When you consult with the experts they can educate you concerning medical vein procedures that can be performed from the convenience of their office. Those with years of experience understand how important it is to educate their clients about treatments so they better understand their circumstances.

Understanding Non-Surgical Varicose Vein Treatments

In order to provide you some of the best healthcare, you require the service of doctors that are board certified general and vascular surgeons that have many years of experience treating varicose veins. New treatments for varicose veins come in the form of laser treatments. Cooltouch CTEV is one such laser treatment that is one of the safest with effective results. All that it required is local anesthesia and a small amount of time for recovery. Traditional surgery provides a 60% success rate while treatments performed with Cooltouch CTEV shows a success rate of 96%. You can check with your health insurance provider to find out if is covered by your policy. Regardless, Cooltouch CTEV is affordable, much better than traditional surgery since it is non-invasive, and can be done without going to the hospital.

Contact expert physicians to set up a consultation regarding your vascular health. Those that suffer from varicose veins in Cincinnati, OH have professional varicose vein treatment options provided by Anderson Cosmetic and Vein Institute. Visit .

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