Tips on Keeping up Your RV’s Generator

One of the most essential parts of your RV is the generator, which helps to provide power to all of your appliances without having to be plugged in to an electrical line. Just like any other component on your RV, your generator will require maintenance and repair from time to time to stay running at peak performance. Neglecting to perform these necessary repairs will result in sluggish performance and eventually a total breakdown. In most cases these types of repairs are quite expensive and completely avoidable. Here are a few generator tips to use that will keep you from having expensive rv repair in the seattle area.

Prevention is Key

One of most important things that you can do to keep your RV’s generator running right is preventative maintenance. This means you need to check things like the oil and wiring on a regular basis to make sure that there are no issues that need to be address with your generator. The faster you find repair issues, the less costly they will be to fix. Finding the repair issues early on will also help to reduce the amount of damage that they can do to your generator.

Stay on Top of Scheduled Maintenance

Another very important thing to keep up with is the scheduled maintenance on your generator. Most generators come equipped with an hour meter, which you need to become familiar with because this is what you will go by to know when you maintenance is due. The oil in your generator will need to be changed just like a car and by neglecting to have it changed when it needs it, you will putting a strain on your generator. The extra strain put on your generator by old oil can result in many repair issues that can take it out of commission altogether.

Run it regularly

If your RV goes for months at a time without being ran, then you need to make sure that you crank up your generator on occasion to make sure that it is functional. The longer a generator sits idle, the more problems that can result from this inactivity. By running it on a constant basis, you will be able to catch any problems that may be going on, which can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Instead of neglecting your generator and paying for it later, you need to stay on top of all repair issues that arise.

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