Tips for Shopping for Trade Show Materials

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Business

How do you  shop for effective trade show equipment and materials?   You want to get the right equipment, you want to pay an affordable price, and you want to do things right so that you can get benefits out of attending and participating in a trade show. Do you buy a trade show pop up display? Do you need flooring? Should you invest in literature racks? There’s a lot to consider! Do you rent or buy your trade show display equipment? Where do you get it? Here are some things to help you plan:

Visit Trade Shows and Assess

If you’ve never done a trade show, you’ll want to visit one or more trade shows and visit ones that are in your industry, if possible, so that you can suss it out and formulate a plan. See what others are doing. See what looks good. See what looks ineffective. This can be a great way to plan for your first trade show. Field research can help you get ideas for ways to really make a splash and can help you do so in a way that helps you stay on budget, too. Even the most lavish and expensive tradeshow booth is only good if the company knows how to get the attention of attendees and use their skills to generate leads and interest for later on.

Get Trade Show Catalogs

Visit websites and  / or order catalogs for trade show materials. You’ll see what pricing is like for things like trade show pop up display material.  You’ll find out what’s available for outdoor displays. You’ll learn about size options.  You can also get more than one catalog so you can compare some pricing. Be sure that you know about shipping, about returns policies, warranties, and read general reviews on wholesale trade show choices.

There are custom trade show companies who offer rentals and who provide wholesale pricing. Whether you want something customized or are ready to buy a used trade show pop up display is a personal decision but it’s wise to get acquainted with your options so that you can make an informed decision.

There are trade show booth materials that can really make a difference to how successful you are. Whether you want to go for the gusto or start small and see how it goes there’s one thing for sure: research will help you maximize your chances of success.

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