Tips for Purchasing an Outdoor Patio Canopy

An outdoor patio canopy is much more than just an aesthetically pleasing addition to your outdoor area. It is also a functional structure that can be used for a multitude of purposes. Outdoor canopies allow you to relax by the pool without being fried by the summer sun and have a backyard picnic without being carried away by mosquitos. No matter your need, there is an outdoor patio canopy that can meet it. Some of the most popular options, as well as some tips to help you make your purchase, are highlighted here.

Size of the Canopy

You need to consider how many people will be under the canopy. A 10 foot x 10 foot outdoor patio canopy will be ideal for eight people. The smallest options that you can purchase are the square, pop-up option that typically measures three feet. These are the ones used as shelter for babies or toddles at the beach.

If you have plans to use the outdoor patio canopy for a special event or a party, you should probably consult with a professional regarding the size canopy you actually need.

The Assembly Process

How easy it is to assemble the canopy will be dependent on how often you plan to set it up and take it down. If you are planning to travel to craft fairs or family gatherings often, then purchasing a canopy that is simple to get up and down will be beneficial. There are a number of pop up canopies that are able to be assembled by just one person.

The Portability of the Canopy

If you are planning to use the canopy in more than one location, the canopy’s portability will matter. This factor relates not to the actual canopy’s portability but to the case it is stored in after breakdown. Does the case come with wheels? Does it have a handle that is in a location convenient to be lifted and rolled? Will the case be extremely heavy when it has been fully loaded? All of these factors will affect the canopy’s portability.

Will the Canopy Need any Side Walls?

If you are planning to use the gazebo at home, it may be beneficial to purchase one with side walls. This creates an atmosphere of privacy and will keep insects away if you are planning to eat outdoors. There are a number of different designs you can choose from for the side walls, so consider your needs carefully prior to making a purchase.

When you take the time to consider all of the factors regarding an outdoor patio canopy, you will be able to find the right one for your particular needs or event. This will be extremely beneficial if you like to host get-togethers or if you have displays at outdoor festivals often.



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