Tips For Creating A Memorable Trade Show Experience

Regardless of if you are new to the business of trade shows, or been “around the block” a time or two, new ideas for capturing and then keeping the attention of people passing by is always sought and welcomed. So even if you have seen it all, heard it all or if it is completely brand new to you, there is always something new to learn and if you have a true entrepreneur spirit, you will always appreciate new, attention-grabbing ideas.

So what is this new and exciting idea? It’s actually pretty simple, yet innovative – create an experience. This doesn’t mean something that your audience will take with them or even look at. Instead, you should create an experience – something that can hear, smell, taste, touch, see and then takeaway.

Creating the Emotional Connection

It is quite easy to forget what someone says, especially when you are visiting hundreds of different tradeshow booths; however, it is much harder to forget how someone made you feel. So, what does this mean for trade show marketers? The experience for a trade show attendee has to be understood primarily as an emotional experience. This is when the ethos and aesthetics of a brand and the entire portable trade show booth display that is used comes into play.

Some examples of creating this emotional experience and connection include:

* A lotion or oil company that offers back, scalp or hand massages
* Relate a personal story
* Create an environment that embodies your business by including sights, sounds and smells that help create it

Utilize the Power of Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you can use before, during and after the trade show. Weeks before the actual trade show event begin creating a marketing plan. This can be the promise of a free giveaway or just knowledge of where you will be. Some other ways to utilize metal in the trade show display include:

* Video
* QR codes
* Music

Display what You have to Offer

Part of the experience you create should also include a display of the services and products that you offer. People are there to learn about the brand and product, therefore you need to show them exactly what you have to offer. Creating a nice looking display is one of the best ways to achieve this and complete the experience for your visitors.