Is It Time for Home Window Replacement in Overland Park KS?

If the windows in your Overland Park home are aging or failing, replacing them can enhance the look of your house, lower your energy costs and even increase the resale value of your property. But how can you be sure it’s time for a complete Home Window Replacement Overland Park KS? Keep reading for some common signs it’s time to replace your windows, and talk to the experts at All States Exteriors for information on what type of windows will best fit your tastes and budget.

Signs of Rot

If the wooden frames surrounding your windows are rotted, you’ll need to replace your windows. Surprisingly, many contractors say this phenomenon is most common in homes that were built after 1970. During the last 40 years of home construction, using bargain-grade materials to construct windows became the norm, resulting in problems with early rot. To test your frames, push a screwdriver into the wood. If it goes through with little hesitation, or the wood surrounding it crumbles and flakes, you’ll probably need Home Window Replacement Overland Park KS.

Mysterious Drafts

Although sudden drafts or chills on windy and cold nights could be caused by insufficient insulation or damaged roofing, they can usually be traced back to faulty or aging windows. Windows that fail to protect your home against the elements can lead to increased energy costs and damage on the interior of your home, so it’s important to get them fixed or replaced. Luckily, it couldn’t be easier to test whether or not your draft issues are coming from your windows. Simply hold a candle near the seam in each window. If the flame wavers or extinguishes, it’s probably time to replace your windows.


Condensation Inside the Glass

Double or triple-pane windows often first show symptoms of failure by holding condensation between the panes of glass. As the seals fail, moisture creeps inside and causes condensation. You may also notice fogging or a white film on the glass. In any case, it’s important to look into widow replacement because these problems all indicate that the insulating properties of your windows have failed.

If you want your to be home comfortable and energy-efficient, it’s important to have windows that do their job well. If you notice any signs that your windows are failing, contact a professional for further assessment right away.

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