Think you Don’t Need Health Insurance – Think Again!

If you’re young, healthy and have just moved away from home, you might think that you can get away with saving a few dollars by not shelling out for health insurance. But by doing so, you’re taking a huge risk. Here’s why you can’t get by without health insurance in today’s fast-paced society.


Imagine breaking your leg during your college netball tournament, or twisting your ankle crossing the road in your new Christian Louboutins. Whilst these are fairly minor injuries, both will require medical treatment of some sort. Without health insurance, your medical bills could run to hundreds of dollars, and as a young person who has just left home and become financially responsible for themselves, this is most likely an expense that you can’t afford. Whilst your costs for medical care could be low during a good year, a sudden spate of illness or injuries could see your bills rising sky high.

Jobs with Medical Insurance

If you’re lucky enough to be in a job that offers Health Insurance in Austin TX, then there’s no need to worry. Most employers offer group health insurance where most or all of the costs are covered for you, but if you’re a part-time employee, contractor or intern, the chances are you won’t benefit from health insurance at work. Whether you’re looking for a short-term health insurance policy or opting for a health insurance plan, taking out the right level of insurance is critical to ensure you are covered if you need to claim.

Health Insurance Plans

You’ll usually pay a monthly or quarterly fee for these plans, making them affordable to those on modest incomes. It’s important to carefully study several insurance plans and compare costs – prices vary considerably and you need to make sure that not only is the policy affordable for you, but that you are receiving an adequate level of cover for your needs. By registering with an agent, you can ensure that several policies will be compared for you and the best one for you selected, minimizing the risk of choosing the wrong policy in a confusing marketplace!

Unexpected Medical Bills

Should you be involved in a serious accident or become ill and require hospitalization, you will need to ensure that your health insurance covers you. Always check the wording on your policy to make sure that large medical bills are covered – not all policies will offer this level of cover! The last thing you need when you’re in hospital is financial worries about how you will pay for your medical treatment and care.
Health insurance is vital for everyone to have; without adequate insurance in place, you are gambling your health by not knowing whether you could afford expensive medical treatment should the worst happen.


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