Things to Ask About Chinese Delivery in Los Angeles

Having food delivered to the home is a wonderful convenience, but customers should ask some questions regarding the service. Chinese Delivery in Los Angeles can end up costing much more than expected, depending on the location of the restaurant, the policy, and the charges. Most restaurants that deliver require a minimum amount of food be purchased for the service. That ranges from place to place. Some have lower minimums, like a total of twenty dollars, for example, and some have minimums as high as fifty or seventy-five dollars. Find out what the minimum is before ordering food.

Delivery charges vary from restaurant to restaurant as well. Some charge by the mile, some charge a flat fee within a specific radius, and some charge a percentage of the total of the bill. A flat fee may apply for a certain area, but then the cost goes up per mile, every mile past the area. That is something to know before getting food delivered. Expecting to pay a flat rate, and being charged more than that can be expensive and embarrassing if the customer comes up short of money. Most rates for Chinese Delivery in Los Angeles do not include a tip for the driver. A tip is not mandatory, but if the food is delivered hot and fresh, a tip may ensure it arrives hot and fresh the next time as well.

Ask about delivery hours to be sure an order is placed within the proper time limits. Some restaurants deliver all the hours they are open, and some deliver only during peak meal times. Lunch delivery, for example, may be between eleven in the morning and one-thirty in the afternoon. Some delivery services stop at eight or nine at night. Ordering food at ten at night and expecting it to be delivered may result in disappointment. In some areas where parking is limited or restricted, delivery may only be curbside rather than to the door. That requires the customer be on the sidewalk with the money when the driver arrives at the address. Not knowing that is an expectation will result in time wasted, cold food, and an angry delivery driver. Customers can click here to learn more about delivery services.

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