There Are Numerous Advantages To Winter Vacationing In Beachfront Rentals

Have you ever driven through a seaside resort area, seen the beach houses, and wondered what it would be like to live there? What must it be like to live on the beach year round? What’s it like to enjoy Norfolk’s attractions and restaurants without all the summer crowd and the noise? Well, all you have to do is book beachfront vacation rentals Norfolk in the off season to find out.

Why Vacation In Winter?

Crisp, gray winter is the same anywhere except the beach. Some of the numerous advantages of winter vacationing include:

  • The food isn’t so carb-heavy. It’s prepared by chefs using local foods in imaginative dishes. Try Omar’s Carriage House for a taste of American and International cuisines.
  • Nature is different. We take the colors of summer for granted. When we take a walk in winter, that absence makes us take note of what’s there. We suddenly appreciate snow on trees looking like frosting on a cake and the grass crackling beneath our feet.
  • It’s about calories. Oddly, the body burns more brown fat cells in winter. It’s actually activated by cold weather. So take a stroll downtown, knowing you’re burning calories.
  • Get your Vitamin D. The body needs it to process calcium among other things. It comes from sunlight. While you’re walking downtown or along the beach, you’ll be getting both fresh air and a vital nutrient.

Why Beachfront Vacation Rentals Norfolk?

Hotels are a bit restricting regarding space. There’s little to no privacy, you can’t cook a meal, and you’re stuck watching on TV somebody else’s favorite show. In a beachfront vacation home, you can cook, read in another room while someone is watching TV, and you’ll have a fantastic view instead of city views in a hotel. It’s like home with dishes, cookware, linens, cable, and Internet. Contact Boardwalk Realty & Development to learn more.

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