The Wonders and Benefits of Ionized Drinking Water

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Home Improvement

Water is one of humanity’s most important elements. It helps in cleansing the body by taking away toxins and other waste materials; it aids in circulating oxygen in our blood and brain, and it is even important for digesting the food we consume. But all of these processes are dependent on the water being safe, clean and properly filtered. A technology that allows water to undergo ionization is one of the best ways to ensure that you are taking in clean and healthy water. An ionized water machine not only has an effective water filtering and purification mechanism, but this new state-of-the-art technology also transforms the water’s molecular structure into a superior form. This ionized state may bring lots of benefits to your body including preventing many diseases.

Ionized water is believed to have potentially powerful anti-cancer, anti-aging and disease prevention and fighting properties. This is because ionized water is an effective natural antioxidant that is potent in neutralizing dangerous effects of free radicals that greatly influence aging and disease. Water that has undergone ionization contains oxygen molecules that carry extra electrons, which can be transferred to free radicals that have missing individual electrons.

Different tissues in the body can easily absorb liquids, like water. The hexagonal shape of ionized water further enhances its absorption. This makes hydrating easier and faster even on a cellular level.

Since ionized water is highly alkaline, it balances the body’s pH, which corrects the acid and alkaline equilibrium. (Remember that when we consume commonly acidic foods and drinks like soda and other processed foods, it makes our body’s pH highly acidic and excess acidity makes us vulnerable to many kinds of diseases.) Water that is alkalinized by an ionized water machine helps your body to flush away this excessive acid regularly. Alkaline, ionized water machines also have an antibacterial mode that can kill over 99% forms of bacteria including, but not limited to, E-Coli.

In comparison to other household water purifying and filtering machines, alkaline water ionizer machines are commonly used because of their broader benefits. Reverse Osmosis and distilled water machines remove bacteria and unwanted particles in water, but, unfortunately, they also remove important nutrients and minerals as well. This means that you may be drinking clean water with reverse osmosis and distilled water, but not healthier water. Home alkaline ionized water machines are easy to install and use, making cleaner and healthier water accessible to anyone.

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