The Procedures Offered by a Good Cosmetic Dentist

A lot of people have at least one aspect about their faces and especially their smile that they would like to change. The good news is that with the many new cosmetic dental procedures it is possible to rectify just about any dental anomaly. Here are some of the procedures that are carried out by a cosmetic dentist.

Teeth cleaning, filing and whitening

Most people that have normal and healthy teeth only need to have a cleaning filing and whitening done from time to time. People clean their teeth to get rid of dental plaque which is normally responsible for the formation of cavities. The process of filing is done to even out teeth that aren’t evened out. Whitening deals with teeth that have been discolored or stained in some way.

Dental veneers

These are teeth coatings that are normally made either from resin or porcelain. They are used to coat the surface of the teeth and cover flaws such as chipping, fracturing and deep discoloration. The process of having them in place includes scraping off a little fraction of the natural tooth and using dental cement to attach the veneers. They give an appearance of a perfect set of white teeth while at the same time protecting the weakened tooth from further damage.

Dental implants

These are titanium screws attached to the jawbone and made to act like tooth roots. The process of implantation can only be carried out by a qualified and experienced oral surgeon. The process is great for closing gaping holes in the mouth and helping a person regain their perfect smile. The process will take some time, but the results are all worth it.


There are people that have crooked or misaligned teeth. Invisalign is a method of aligning teeth by making use of aligner trays that are colorless and almost impossible to notice. The process is carried out after the dentist maps out a route that he wants the teeth to take when being pushed back into position. Trays are them made to fit a person’s teeth, and the process starts.

These are a few procedures that a Cosmetic Dentist offers. For details on how you can regain that perfect smile, go to Domain.

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