The Plumbing Contractors in Bloomington MN Can Prevent Sewer Problems by Cleaning the Sewer Drain Line

There are very few events in life that can be worse than your sewer backing up through your toilet and running down the hallway. This can happen without warning and it usually does happen when you are having a big party and the facilities are being overworked. This is one of the most embarrassing events that can happen in your home.

Usually tree roots break into the sewer line and form a massive clog. You do not have to have trees in your yard for this to happen. Tree roots can travel 100 feet looking for water. They will find an opening into your line or they will make an opening.

Older sewer lines tend to crack and breakup causing a blockage. Cast iron lines are susceptible to breaking or rusting creating a break in the line. The best way to prevent problems, or to find them before they ruin your house is to hire the plumbing contractors in Bloomington MN. They can bring a TV camera which will feed into the sewer line as far as the street main sewer line. This camera has exceptionally clear resolution and it will send back a picture of any blockage. It will also show the condition of your line. The camera will show any breaks in the line and any debris which has accumulated on the walls of the line.

The sewer cleaning experts can clean out your line and the walls of it by using a high pressure water jet spray. This can also have high speed very sharp cutters that rotate as it moves through the lines. This device can clean anything out of your line which may be forming a clog. It is one of the most high-tech tools the plumbers have and its greatest benefit is for you.

The Plumbing Contractors in Bloomington MN can also check all of your other drains for blockages. They can eliminate these as well. Good drain maintenance will save you trouble and money. Every drain in your house could be a problem but none would equal the problem caused by a blocked sewer line. Drain King Inc. can help you with this.

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