The Most Common Requests By Women For Beverly Hill, CA Cosmetic Surgery

While plastic surgery is common for both men and women the majority of procedures are performed on women. This is true both on a global level as well as in the United States. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery approximately 80% of both surgical and non-surgical options in cosmetic surgery were performed on women. This is also true when it comes to requests for Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

Typically ranked as the third most common option for women requesting Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery, eyelid surgery can produce amazing results. This procedure can literally take years off the area around the eyes and give the entire face a more youthful appearance.

While it may be combined with a browlift to frame the eyes, simply getting rid of the puffy or excessive skin and around the eyes is very common. It can also get rid of that look of fatigue that is often associated with a slack upper eyelid.


Altering the shape of the nose is common for both men and women, but often for different reasons. Women tend to ask for Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery that makes their nose smaller and more refined while men tend to want to correct broken noses or large bumps on the bridge of the nose.

Both women and men that elect this type of surgery may also be trying to improve their breathing ability. This is a common additional procedure done with rhinoplasty.

Breast Implants

The number one Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery requested by women is to augment their breasts. However, this is often combined with a breast uplift to decrease sagging and make the breasts firmer and more youthful looking.

Breast implants or augmentation has come a long way since the early implants. Surgical techniques have also become so advanced that top doctors performing this procedure can virtually eliminate the noticeable scarring that was a real issue only a couple of decades ago.

As a whole in Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic surgery is much more affordable and commonplace than it was in the past. Both men and women can now safely and effectively change minor imperfections in their face and body to allow them to feel wonderful about the way that they look.

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