The Latest Trends in Wedding Catering

When you start planning your upcoming Long Island wedding, you will need to also plan the reception. Though there are certainly people who will want their wedding catering on Long Island to be traditional, there are also a number of current trends that stick out to couples. By looking at these new trends, you may find that the traditional reception you were planning is pushed away by the latest and greatest ideas.

Consider Food Stations Instead of Sitting Down or Buffets

You will need to provide food for your guests, but this food doesn’t have to mean a sprawling buffet or a sit down meal. Instead, food stations are becoming highly popular. These stations are positioned around the room and serve different styles of food. For instance, you might have a salad station, a meat station and a pasta station. This set-up promotes a very social atmosphere as people will get up from the tables, walk around and talk with each other.

On Table Carving

Another new trend is on table carving. Though everyone is familiar with carving stations at receptions, carving right at the table is becoming quite popular. In this case, a smaller piece of meat will be prepared that can feed 8 or 10 instead of a large piece of meat that will feed 25 or 50. This way, the carving is done right at the table, it is different and will certainly impress.

Unusual Menus

You may also want to try an unusual menu for your wedding. For instance, if you and your future spouse are vegetarian, you may want to offer only vegetarian fare. Even meat lovers will typically find some vegetarian food to be quite delicious. Other ideas include a sushi bar, a twist on comfort food or make-your-own-steak or chicken. Getting a bit unusual is a wonderful way to impress your guests and ensure everyone has fun.

Dessert and Favors

Finally, you will find that dessert and favors can be done hand-in-hand. For instance, a very popular idea is to set up a candy bar, give each guest a bag and allow them to fill their bags with the candy of their choice. They can then eat a few pieces for dessert at the reception and take the rest home as a favor.

These are just a few of the ideas that are fast becoming trendy when planning a wedding shower. For more, speak with a caterer in the area.

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