The Job of a Computer Service Technician

Computer service in New Jersey includes the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of various aspects of computer hardware as well as software systems. The knowledge of a computer service technician by definition is broad and includes the installation and updating of systems operating software as well as integrating hardware to the software through drivers. The people who perform this kind of computer service in New Jersey may be able to work with and even install simple networks; they will not normally be involved in setting up or repairing a large network.

The principle duties of a computer service technician focus on the installation and routine maintenance of computer hardware and software. The daily tasks seen in shops providing computer service in New Jersey are usually building a computer using standard off the shelf components and installing and updating the operating system. Further tasks are troubleshooting a machine which is not performing, determining what the problem is repairing it as well as setting up other devices such as printers, cameras and external drives for backup.

A computer technician often works directly for a retail store which sells computers and peripherals or for a company providing computer service in New Jersey. The independent operator typically provides computer maintenance and troubleshooting on a wide range of manufacturers machines whereas an in-store technician may only be competent to work on machines from one or two manufacturers. The technician can provide other services such as data recovery and virus removal.

The technician will be dealing with the public so his demeanor must be pleasant and he must be able to discuss the problems with the customers in layman’s terms as there are many terms that may not be familiar to most people. There is considerable paperwork involved, service orders have to be written and requests have to be processed for certain components that go into the computer but are not currently on hand. Receipts have to be written for tax purposes and warranties have to be filled out and sent to component manufacturers.

A competent computer technician will have had training after graduation from high school. These courses are available from community colleges as well as numerous technical schools that offer specific courses on IT and all things associated with it.

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