The Bail Bondsman in Pueblo

There are times in life where people find themselves in a bit of trouble. In these instances, bail bondsman come in handy to help with the original release from a jail arrest. Dennis Blackwell Bail Bonds is one of these businesses that offer money to help release offenders from imprisonment. This particular business has two locations. There is one in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This same company also has Bail Bondsman in Pueblo in Colorado.

This company was founded by Dennis Blackwell in 1992. He built it with honesty, a good reputation, and dedication all in mind. His family works very closely with him in this venture. Other Bail Bondsman in Pueblo that work alongside him are is wife, Lynette Blackwell, his brother-in-law, John Titus and John’s wife Janice. Also working for the company are Sharon Garbarino, Emily Dulna, and Will Mackins. When calling the office one of these individuals will work directly with an offender to help come up with the money to post the correct amount of bail needed in order to be released from jail. The offender makes a promise to these Bail Bondsman in Pueblo that he or she will return to court on their expected court date. This will allow for the company to receive the money they posted back from the jail.

Bail bonding can get messy if an offender decides not to show up for a court date. When this happens, the court has the right to forfeit the orginal bond that was posted and also charge the bail bondsman company full price for whatever the orgianl bond may have been. Usually offenders can be released for something similar to a $10,000 bond at 10%. This would mean the bond company posted $1,000. If the offender flees, the company is then required to pay the full $10,000. This is when the Bail Bondsman in Pueblo who work for Dennis Blackwell Bail Bonds really go to work. These men and women will hit the streets to find these offenders themselves and return them to jail in order to get their money back.

Working with a bail bondsman can be handy if an offender does not have the money to be released from jail. These guys are not going to tolerate someone who flees after being bailed out though. Plan on returning to the courthouse on the date expected, or they will come and find you.

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