The Armed Compared to the Un-Armed Security Officer in Birmingham

Having a security guard on your premise comes with a variety of benefits. From providing an added sense of security to increased customer service to tackling crime, the presence of security personnel is always warmly welcomed. But should you opt for an armed or un-armed security officer in Birmingham? Depending on your establishment and needs, one may benefit your business more than the other.

The Pros and Cons of an Armed Security Officer

The key difference between an armed and un-armed security officer is their training in the use of firearms. As the name implies, those who are un-armed have not received any formal firearm training and are not licensed to carry a gun during their shift. Those that are armed, however, have received the training necessary to be licensed to carry a firearm, and they do so while protecting your premise. These guards have the authority to use deadly force if necessary.

Ultimate protection may seem the most appealing, but it does come with a set of drawbacks. For one, having an armed guard on your premises can send the wrong message or destroy the atmosphere of your business. Business owners also need to consider that if an individual is injured or killed by the officer that they may be held liable. Lastly, armed officers are more expensive to hire than un-armed security officers due to the licensing and training requirements.

*Recommended for protection of high value assets such as money or jewelry

The Pros and Cons of an Un-Armed Security Officer

Many argue that an un-armed officer provides the same level of protection as an armed officer as those entering the premise do not know whether or not they are carrying a firearm. They are the same in terms of being a visual deterrent, are less expensive and present less liability issues. Employees and customers who come to your business will still have that same sense of being protected with an un-armed guard as they would with an armed security officer.

Businesses of any kind who have an establishment in an area where crime rates are high may prefer the expertise and enforcement that an armed guard brings. Others which may be located in high traffic areas, such as within a shopping mall, may prefer to choose an unarmed guard to reduce the risk of gunfire and possible wounding of innocent bystanders. The time of day when you would need protection can also be an important factor. When choosing a company who provides security personnel, finding one that can offer both armed and un-armed security guards is ideal. Many businesses may choose to have un-armed enforcement present during the daylight hours, and switch to an armed guard at night when criminal activity is more likely to occur.

*Recommended for protecting public facilities

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