Swimming Pool Filters in Winchester, VA Keep Pool Water Sparkling

If you are installing a pool or remodeling one, you need to review the pool filters that are used. After all, if you do not want your pool water to appear murky, it is important to use filters to clean the pool. Most pool filters can be used for in-ground or above-ground pool designs.

Types of Pool Filters

Swimming pool filters in Winchester, VA are represented by such styles as sand pool filters, diatomaceous earth (DE) filters, and pool cartridge filters. Many pool owners like sand filters because they are not considered high-maintenance. In fact, they are basic to use.

Sand Filters

Sand swimming pool filters work by directing the water through a bed of sand. In turn, the sand filters the debris and particles. Once the water goes through this process, it is clean. You only need to backwash the filter to maintain it. Backwashing involves running water in reverse through a backwash portal. The sand used to filter the water does not need to be changed often, either. It should be changed about every 10 years on average.

DE Filters for the Pool

DE or diatomaceous earth swimming pool filters are another pool remodeling service-endorsed filter. Diatomaceous earth or DE is made up of the ground-up fossils of prehistoric diatoms. Therefore, DE takes the form of a white powder when it is used for filtering. Mesh grids are located within the filter to which the powder adheres. In turn, the pool water passes through the mesh grids and powder before it circulates back into the pool. Browse website to know more.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge swimming pool filters combine the convenience of a sand filter with the cleaning ability of a DE filter. Cartridges for pools feature a larger papery filter that is very similar to one used in a home heating system. The filters are exceptionally easy to clean. All you need to do is pull out the cartridge and rinse it off with the hose.

Where to Learn More about Pool Care and Swimming Pools

To learn more about filter or pool choices, review the website of a company such as Al Shirley & Son Inc. in Winchester, VA The more you know about filtering and pools, the better a buying decision you will make.

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