Sweet Dreams for Your American Girl Doll

You love your American Girl Doll and all her pretty clothes, and now you want give her own special place to sleep. When American Girl Doll owners decide to acquire American Girl Doll Furniture, a bed is usually the first piece they choose. And no wonder! Each American Girl Doll Furniture collection features its own special bed.

Some American Girl Doll Bed Favorites

Addy’s Bed and Bedding – Addy is growing up in a Philadelphia boarding house during the mid-19th century. Her bed is wood with an aged, fly-specked finish. Rather than a spring, the bed has “rope” fittings, which are appropriate for the time period. The set comes with a soft muslin mattress and pillow. The prettiest feature is the lovely, bright “album” quilt.

*  Caroline’s Bed and Bedding – Caroline is an adventurous girl who wants to be the captain of a ship someday. Her bed has a curved topped of the type that would have been found in homes of the early 19th century. The bed is topped in lacy white canopy, and dressed with a yellow wool-blend coverlet with a floral design.

*  Rebecca’s Bed and Bedding – Rebecca is a little girl newly arrived in American from Russia at the turn of the 20th century. Her American Girl Doll Furniture collection includes this ornate metal bed highlighted with bright decorative accents. It’s adorned with an elegant white lace bedspread and bolster.

*  Molly’s Bed and Bedding – Molly is a girl on the American home-front during World War II. Molly’s original American Girl Doll Furniture collection bed featured a red cloth-covered headboard and matching bedspread finished with red and white piping. Molly has a new bed set in 2013. It’s a cheerful yellow painted Jenny Lind style with compatible bright yellow bedding.

Kit’s Bed and Bedding – Kit is an adorable and curious girl growing up during America’s Great Depression. Kit’s attic bed is painted a muted green, and features a metal frame which can expand to accommodate a friend. Kit has a pretty pastel quilt to sleep beneath at night.

Mix and Match

Although each American Girl Doll has a special bed for her collection, the styles are classics that were popular for many generations. Be sure to choose the bed and bedding set that you love best!

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