Surprising Benefits of an ADT Alarm System in Long Island, NY

Many people, in order to protect their home will employ the use of a home security system. However, what might surprise you is the many benefits of a home security system that go beyond protecting your home from break ins. That’s why if you’re considering a ADT Long Island NY system for your home, you may want to educate yourself on all of the other benefits a security or alarm system has for you and your home. Here are a few things to remember.

If you live in an area that gets cold temperatures during the fall or winter months like Long Island, cold temperatures can damage your plumbing system. Should the temperature get too low, especially when you’re not home, the alarm system can alert you of the homes interior temperature. This will allow you to raise the temperature remotely and avoid the danger of cracking a water pipe and coming home to a flooded house.

In the event your pipe does rupture or inclement weather causes a flood that threatens your home, an alarm system can alert you of this. Whether it’s flood warning posted by the National Weather Service or if water is getting into your home, your alarm system will alert you so you can take the necessary steps to deal with this problem.

An alarm systems can be connected with video monitors inside your home. These videos systems can be accessed remotely on a computer, tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the country. If you’re away, you can still monitor your home for any potential problems that may arise.

Lastly, if all of that wasn’t enough, many home alarm systems also offer free monitoring of your identity. Identity theft can be a real problem and if your identity is stolen and the thieves try to access your accounts or use your credit cards, many home alarm systems offer monitoring to alert you of any suspicious credit related activity.

The fact is that an ADT Long Island NY system is far more than just protecting your home from burglary. If you are interested in all these systems have to offer, you should contact Eye-On Alarm to see all that a home security system can offer for the the protection of you, your family and your home.

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