The Surprising Advantages of Catalog Marketing

Have you considered creating a catalog of the products you offer, but want to ensure they will sell before you invest in this? If so, you should learn about some of the advantages offered by Catalog Mailing and why this can be a smart move for your business.

Almost half of sales from consumers come from online or a catalog. In fact, print catalog mailings are one of the biggest contributors to generating online orders for businesses. A consumer that receives a catalog is much more likely to become a frequent online buyer, and now account for up to 15 percent more transactions and spend, on average, approximately 16 percent more than consumers that never received a catalog.

Consumers who receive a catalog in the mail are twice as likely to actually convert online. This is because consumers can flip through the catalog and look at all the products prior to making a purchase. Then they can go online order the products from the catalog and wa-la – it is truly a simple and efficient process for increasing sales and profits.

Proven Benefits of Catalog Mailings

One of the most appealing benefits of offering a catalog is that more and more catalog shoppers are going online to ultimately make their purchase. These customers have the ability to place their orders in three different ways: through the mail, online and also on the phone. This means that no matter how a customer prefers to order an item, you are making a sale.

Each year, approximately 167 million consumers make a purchase from a catalog, which shows the potential for catalog marketing and why it is one of the best and smartest ways to get your merchandise into the hands of your consumers. Studies have shown that the majority of catalog shoppers will place approximately 11 orders each year, spending a total of about $150 million. This clearly illustrates the fact that catalogs are a smart, and effective, method for marketing your products.

The Increasing Trends of Catalog Mailings

Each year, billions of catalogs are sent all around the country. As many as 59 percent of catalog shoppers will hang onto these catalogs for a period of three months, or until they receive a new edition, which ensures your product is in plain sight, increasing the odds that an order will be made.

The fact is that no matter the industry or type of product you have, creating a catalog mailing can be extremely beneficial. Ultimately it can help you to gain more sales and more profits, which is the goal of any business.

If you are interested in creating a Catalog Mailing for your business, visit the Arandell website for more information about the process.

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