Suggestions For Choosing Electronic Cigarette Flavors

For those that are new to using electronic cigarettes, one of the biggest adjustments to make from traditional tobacco cigarettes is choosing from the range of different electronic cigarette flavors that you can enjoy. Since there isn’t any actual burning of the flavored liquid, the taste stays true and pleasant without an aftertaste that is common in some flavored traditional tobaccos and cigarettes.

Unsure of what flavor to get?  Just think about what types of flavors you like with food, not with flavored tobacco.  If you like fruits or sweet things, then you will want to choose a flavor with a fruit or sweet base.

Special Blends
Some of the top vapor shops, particularly online retailers, offer a range of unique and proprietary types of blends. These can be amazing and include everything from the flavors of the most decadent desserts you can imagine to the flavor of your favorite adult beverage.

More common flavors typically include coffee, iced tea, and various soda flavors.

Traditional Electronic Cigarette Flavors
For those smokers that enjoy the classic tastes of different types of tobaccos you don’t have to give that up when you choose Mt Baker Vapor electronic cigarette flavors and an e-cigarette.

Vapor companies provide an excellent assortment of unique and specialized tobacco nicotine juice options from menthol to tobacco flavors from around the world.

Custom Orders
Regardless of the type of electronic cigarette flavors you choose, look for an online vapor retailer that allows you to customize your order. This should include your choice of nicotine strength as well as the blend or the percentage of PG or VG in the mix.

PG is propylene glycol and VG stands for vegetable glycerin. VG provides a naturally sweeter taste to the vapor while PG is a stronger, sweeter flavor.  Flavors with higher levels of PG are considered the best for an optimal throat hit, which is the pleasant sensation in the back of your throat when you inhale the vapor.

With all the different electronic cigarette flavors available it is a great idea to get started by trying one or two from each category. Remember if you don’t like sweet there are also spicy and nutty flavors that are smooth, luxurious and sure to be a great combination for any e-cigarette smoker.

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