Snowbirds and Storage

A snowbird is someone from the Northeast who spends a large portion of the winter in a warmer locale. Wellington, FL is full of snowbirds. Many snowbirds maintain two residences, their permanent residence in the North and their winter residence in the warmer climate. Keeping two residences requires a good deal of work. Normally, the home in the north has to be winterized and sealed up so that the snowbirds can leave it unattended for their sojourn into warmer climates. When the snowbirds get ready to go back, their home here in Wellington must also be made ready for the summer months. Because the home will be unoccupied for such an extended period of time, many snowbirds put their possessions into storage units in Wellington, FL.

By putting their possessions into storage units, the snowbirds accomplish two things. First of all, because many storage units provide video surveillance of the premises, the personal property is safer than if it had been stored in the home. An unoccupied residence has much more likelihood of being broken into than a busy, video-monitored storage facility. The second advantage to putting property in storage units is to protect it from the elements. Snowbirds return to the north during the Wellington, Florida summers to avoid the heat. Their furniture and belongings are also not designed to fare well in the Florida heat, especially in an unoccupied house where the utilities have been turned off for the summer. When placed in climate-controlled storage units, the property is protected from damage by heat or humidity. If the storage units are in a hurricane rated facility, the property would also be protected from any hurricane damage if a hurricane were to make landfall in Wellington, FL.

In addition to individual storage units, some storage facilities also provide garage bays where snowbirds can store a car, boat, or RV. Again, this form of storage provides peace of mind for the snowbirds that their motorized vehicles are protected from the elements and are in a monitored location. Another plus is that even though their property is under surveillance behind a computerized gate, in most facilities, the owners have 24-hour access to their property. Even when the facility office is closed.

Storage units offer a win-win situation for those snowbirds who like to winter here in Wellington and summer up in the North. They can enjoy the best of both worlds while having peace of mind regarding their personal possessions. And, for those who make Wellington, FL their permanent home year round, the same advantages and sense of security of storage units is available, too.

Storage Units Wellington, FL Storage units in Wellington, FL are a safe, reasonably priced option for our friends who travel North for the summer. Pak It Inn Self Storage Facilities offers computerized gate access and 24-hour video surveillance for all your possessions, including boats and RVs.

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